Dr. Richard Holm

Meet Dr. Richard Holm

Dr. Holm earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Loma Linda University, but his dedication to learning did not stop there. Continuous education keeps his skills strong & relevant, giving him the confidence to give his patients at Central Coast Dental Care the very best of what modern dental technology can provide.

Born to life-long medical missionary parents, Dr. Holm was instilled with the importance of giving help & relief to those who are hurting or in pain. In order to provide truly personalized dental care, he gets to know each patient individually to discover what makes them unique & builds on those elements to not only produce long-term relationships but also ensure each patient is relaxed & comfortable in his care. He feels honored that so many people in the community place their trust in him & those he works with at Central Coast Dental Care.

Outside the office, Dr. Holm loves spending time with his five daughters. He also has a variety of hobbies, including traveling, being outdoors, fishing, sports, scuba diving, & fine woodworking. He also loves cooking & collecting antiques, anything from furniture to vintage autos.

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